Paper Minecraft

Play the breathtaking 2D Paper Minecraft game which is best survival game I ever played so far. Works like Discovery channels survival shows, Just enjoy the game as an adventure.


How To Play Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft is 2d building game. The first step is to choose different characters and modes to play the game. Survival mode is a difficult level. Like old days survival, you have to gather food sources, build your own home to live, hunt down animals to eat and much more fun. Find stones to use them as tools.

Apart from Survival mode, you may choose the Creative mode which allows you to use your imagination to craft practically. Build your own cities, castles and new house societies. You can use already built maps as well. Just step in to start building.

Controls and Keys:

Left/Right Arrow Keys: Move

Up Arrow: Jump up

Mouse left click:  Use blocks

E button: Open Inventory

F: Food Eat

Space: Find items