MC ShooterZ

Play ShooterZ Game online free on our website. You don't need to download this game, just click a flash button and start shooting. The environment is made of blocks and it looks like Minecraft Shooter game.


How To Play MC ShooterZ

1. WASD / arrow keys for movement

2. Left click to shoot

3. R to reload the game

4. E to open the menu

5. F to choose an item

6. Esc to open the menu

ShooterZ is 1st person perspective shooter game. Its’ environment is surrounded with the blocks and pixelate. There is a number of characters, you can choose any of these to play it. You have to survive in the killer zombies. You have to collect the resources, water, and food to keep your energy level high. You can mine some materials to make tools and weapons.

There are multiple maps, you can explore them in order to find the hidden treasure. While doing any activity, keep your eye open because the zombies can attack anytime either in day or night. This is a hell of a fun play and enjoy.

1. Amazing gameplay.

2. Multiple tools to craft the weapons.

3. Play with your own desired style.

4. 5 characters to play with multiple tools.

5. Huge map



It is played on Web browser with flash player.