MC Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3

Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3 provides a chance to get involved in the Germans or mercenaries. It is the time to fight with the other teams with the help of 5 different kinds of arms. Arms can be a pistol, simple gun machine gun or rocket launcher.


How To Play MC Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3

1. WASD keys are used to move the player.

2. Spacebar key is used for jumping.

3. Left click is used for shooting.

4. Right click is used for aiming.

5. Mouse wheel to change the types of weapons.

In this game, you have to kill the maximum number of enemies before they start to harm you. You have to maintain the deathmatch in it in the main mode of the game.

In the other mode also called zombie mode, you can clear the level by simple passing. You just have to kill the moving objects in this game and survive. Some meat-eating zombies try to attack you and eat your brain. So, shoot them and avoid the interaction. There are total 9 new maps, and each has a separate theme and separate setting.  Play and enjoy the game.

1. Two modes: Team Deathmatch mode and Zombie mode

2. 5 different types of Weapons

3. 9 new maps

Mita Marian developed the Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3. He has also launched the amazing 3D FPS games such as Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3.